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The Spriters Resource Wiki is basically an encyclopedia about everything and anything that has anything to do with the greatest and most popular spriting resource website: the Spriters Resource (tSR), This is basically for fans of the website to edit or create articles to do with the topic and help others learn how to sprite and rip etc.

Overview of tSREdit

If you are a wannabe spriter and intend on: ripping, creating or using other sprites for personal or public needs, tSR is the place to go. It is a vast database of sprites ripped from many consoles and games and is very commonly updated. You can, on this website, use other sprites to create a sprite comic, screen shots, a video or even a hack of a game (but give credit), you could post your own rips from any game of your choice (making sure it's legitimate to the rules) or you coul create custom sprites of an official character from any game of your choice.

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